Quinn's Big Girl Room

Thank you, friends, for your comforting & caring words for Quinn in my previous post!  She's almost 100% healed up.  I'm almost done replaying the incident over & over in my head ;-)

Has this been a brutal winter for anyone else?  We've had the sickies on and off since November.  I'm typing this as Quinn sleeps....after having emptied the contents of her stomach for the third time (apparently a stomach bug is sweeping thru her preschool).  But blossoms are springing from buds all over the trees in our neighborhood & the temps are climbing.  Spriiiing!  Allll the alllllerrrrgiiiess!

I didn't mean to take so long to post Quinn's room updates.  Not that anyone was waiting with bated breath (why weren't you).  I chatted about the plan here & I'm sure it'll keep evolving.....but it sure is a happy little space right now.  There's a subtle & whimsical woodland tone to it & it's all over the map but most importantly, Quinn adores the elements.  The stars of the show are the feather butterflies by Jenni Kayne for Pottery Barn Kids.  Quinn stuck them on the wall & I let them lay where they landed (!!!!).  Who am I these days??  She broke me ;-)

If you've been around here for a while (thank you), you might recognize some things from when this was in nursery mode.  I re-purposed what I could.  {Source list at bottom.}

I was inspired to DIY a copper & jute plant hanger using this easy tutorial.
The supplies were found at The Home Depot.  Speaking of, when I need an item from that store I just: search for it on their website, note the aisle/bay number it's in at my local store, & text it to myself.
In, out, done.

Does your child insist on obsessively lining up her/his little fuzzy friends on the bed every night, too?
Asking for a friend.

Painted part of a frame; popped in a favorite quote (by Kate Forsyth).
I was about to take down the feather decals when Quinn insisted they stay.

feather butterflies / sconce / felt ball garland (locally made) / 
Folkland pillow / ruffle crochet duvet / 
superhero sheets (Zara Home-sold out) / 
IKEA Minnen bed (ETA: we opted for a low-profile boxspring + standard twin mattress setup from a local mattress store, instead of the thinner IKEA mattress in the product pic)/ 
clear book ledges (Quinn's are from 2011) / water hyacinth basket (Michael's) /
  tree stump table / heart shelf (Target-sold out) 
wall color: Benjamin Moore Grant Beige

Thank you for stopping by!

Kitchen reno dreams

Well, Quinn had her first trip (of hopefully not many) to the ER last weekend.  It was one of those freak playground accidents (a playground that she's frequented before).  A slip, a fall, full impact to her mouth on a platform, blood everywhere, upper front teeth gouged a hole thru her lower lip.  As I tried to stem the bleeding, I don't know what I struggled harder with....trying not to cry because she was so scared/in pain or trying not to pass out at the sight of the fleshy wound in her lower lip.

(To think I was pre-med as a freshman in college.)

Thankfully, my sister-in-law ran to get the Mr. who was nearby & we drove to the ER that was literally 3 minutes away.  We could not have had a nicer paramedic & doctor tending to Quinnie.  Their bedside manner & medical expertise were incredible; they went above & beyond in comforting her (& mommy) in a traumatic situation.  The Mr. & the very patient paramedic even had a stimulating discussion about the overuse of antibiotics ;-)  Two stitches, a bruised cheek, a scraped chin, & terribly swollen lips later.....our girl is healing well.  We knew she's a brave one but wow did she bring tears to our eyes.

So.  In other news, I need to snap pics of Quinn's room updates to share.  It won't be perfectly styled by today's blogging standards (if that's an expectation, are you lost, what are you doing here ;-) but it's a whimsical, happy space that makes us smile.  

Meanwhile, I've been dreaming about kitchens.  A kitchen renovation is at least 2 years down the road (when there'll be flying cars maybe & hopefully not a President Trump), but a girl can dream to distract herself from mouth wounds & stitches amIright?  These are the elements that I/we/mostly I have lusted after for the past few years......
BIG windows above the sink, please.
“More often than not, a kitchen is the heart of a home,” says the designer. “It should be warm, welcoming, comfortable, and have some room to grow (even if you don’t plan on growing!). A...

2015 Southern Living Idea House designed by Bunny Williams in Charlottesville, Virginia



Those brass task lamps!  No upper cabinets! Open shelving!  Large windows!  A prep sink!
 The ample storage provided by that tall pantry on the left!
It's practically every element my kitchen dreams are made of.
Bravo Carrie & Chris!! (Insert applause emoji here.)

I'm a fan of no upper cabinets, white lower cabinets, & open shelving.  Most people around here think I'm crazy for it, but we've lived with small kitchens with very little upper storage (very little storage in general) for years.  It has forced us to pare down in the best possible way, plus I love the visual openness of these kitchens.  And other storage options will be incorporated (like open shelving or a pantry or hutch unit).

To remedy the lack of upper cabinets, would love to incorporate a storage piece like this hutch........

........sort of like this.  Also, a reclaimed or rustic island to break up all the white cabinets!

Or like this:
Transitional - Kitchen

The lived-in, bistro look of these open shelving situations:

Plus those pretty drawer pulls:

Stainless steel single basin, apron front sink:
stainless steel apron sink!:
source unknown

q farmhouse sink stainless steel or cast iron, home decor, kitchen design, Stainless steel

A stove with stainless steel backsplash with shelf, oh yes:
White Plank Backsplash

Beadboard Island


OK, I'll settle for a marble shelf:

I like big, riveted hoods & I cannot lie.....
(Check out how my lovely blog friend Pam DIY'd the look!)

Design Manifest Kitchen with black and brass hood and industrial range

Beautiful vintage brass faucet that would obliterate our kitchen reno budget:

Hmmm.  I should have married rich.  Kidding.  Sort of.
(At this point, the Mr. asks innocently "Who's this Rich guy?")
Hope your weekend is fun & free of ER visits ;-)