Mini mudroom: finally finished

Hi there.  I'm stoked to finally share our mudroom today.  

How long has it taken?  About 8 months, I think....only because we wanted to do some of the work ourselves & we wanted to work around our contractor-friend's schedule since he's amazing & did us the favor of taking on our mudroom despite his packed schedule. I stopped really keeping track around 6 months so for all I know, it might've taken years.  What year is it, are we driving flying cars yet?

We started out with a little stoop, had a bigger foundation poured, & then had it framed.  Then came electrical, insulation, & drywall.  Hubby tiled, stained the bench, caulked, puttied, etc.  Our contractor installed the board & batten, bench, cabinetry, plank ceiling, amongst countless other things.  Dirk, if you're reading this: We're never moving. We're just going to have you add on to our house as necessary because you do flawless work, friend.  I painted....and painted.....and painted (mostly after Quinn was in bed). So here we are!

{Catch up on the mayhem: Part 1Part 2Part 3 & Part 4.}

The beginning (Quinn's pants are falling off, she's so excited):
The's a tricky room to photograph (plus it started to flurry) so here goes!
The wall to the left used to be part of the original exterior so you'll notice some dents, a few crooked planks, and imperfections.  We just kept it as is because we like that it's not-so-perfect & adds character to this new addition.  Or maybe we were just lazy as feck.
This door leads to the garage & we didn't replace it.  It's metal & in great shape.  
Quinn thinks we made it magnetic specially for her.
Concealed storage was a must.  Hats, gloves, wine, sunscreen, tissues, reusable grocery bags, even Quinn's ballet shoes are all within reach as we're flying out the door.

There are usually 20 more pairs of shoes & tons of crap lying around ;-)

We didn't have any HVAC done to this mudroom, though we did insulate the garage & the crawl space above (part of which is the mudroom ceiling).  Winter in the Colorado foothills is quite mild (I'm from Iowa so I'm comparing it to that) but on the colder days we've used a little space heater in this space during the day.  At the moment, we still have our former front door as an extra layer of protection....not sure if it or the old metal threshold will stay, we shall see.

Benjamin Moore White Dove paint
hooks (local Boulder store)
rug (Target's Threshold line, not listed on website)
mirror (HomeGoods)
framed feathers (DIY)
striped baskets (HomeGoods)
adhesive bookplates (Michael's)

Thank you for sticking around & for taking interest in our mudroom!  
Even though we dubbed it a "mini" addition, it's more than adequate in size.
We really tried to maximize the space & it is such a workhorse of a room.  We absolutely love it.  
More to come on the updated front exterior!

Mini mudroom: stoop-endous

Happy April Fool's Day!  Where are all the Pinterest decor ideas for this day?!

In other news, after ~7 months of having no front stoop due to the mudroom reno, we have one again:


I've gotten so used to taking a decent step down/up thru the doorway these past months, you'd think I have buns of steel by now.  (I don't.)  There have been lots of aspects of this mudroom reno that we've hired out & building the stoop was one of them.  I just want to clarify that while we've DIYed some things (tiling, all the painting, some trimwork, staining/sealing to name a few), there have been way more things we've left to our contractor-friend.  The truth?  It feels awesome.  I think we've run out of steam after 7 years of (mostly) DIY renovating!

As for the front stoop, we just wanted a simple redwood platform in keeping with the rustic, casual Colorado vibe of our neighborhood.  No bells & whistles.  After the redwood acclimates for a couple weeks, we'll probably stain it a rich color (maybe walnut like the mudroom bench).

But right now, it's all looking pretty rough:
A rendering of the look we're going for (imagine a darker-hued stoop):
copper light / DIY door mat / planter

We're crossing our fingers that the typical Colorado spring snowstorm 
doesn't happen so we can get to some landscaping.  
Thanks for stopping by!

{Mini mudroom mayhem Part 1Part 2 & Part 3.}

Featured (& favorites)

TGIF, friends!

Today I'm having fun over at The Little Black Door, participating in Elizabeth's Fess Up Friday series.  I can't promise that mine is as awesome & witty as the other installments in this series, but wow did I have a good time with it.  Hope to see you over there!  Not to mention, I so admire Elizabeth.  She has an incredible design sense, is so refreshing & funny....we're united in sarcasm & inappropriateness.  Well, I just can't quit her.  And why would I, that's just crazy talk (you'd think I'm already wading my way thru Happy Hour).

Thanks so much for having me, Elizabeth!

I thought I'd spread the link love a bit today.  
My blog buddies constantly amaze me with their creativity & endless talents.  
A roundup of some recent eye candy from a few of them:

* Bethany transformed a thrifty find into a dream kitchen in miniature for her daughter.  I think this might be my dream kitchen.  I'm so inspired to tweak Quinn's Ikea play kitchen now!

* I would blissfully daydream & never get any work done in Christine's gold & girly office. So fuhreakin' awesome, so Christine.

* Joi's entryway has that chic/welcoming/collected look (like every room she ever touches).  Joi & I go way back in our bloggy world & she is a master at mixing patterns & colors.

* We're full-on Frozen fanatics over here.  Jen's DIY Frozen peg dolls couldn't have come at a better time! "Do you want to build paint a snowman?" ;-)  P.S. I also can't get enough of her refreshingly candid weekend brunch series.  It's all the things I've often thought when it comes to blogging, etc but just can't articulate.

* I want to hone the artistic ability (& the calm) to paint abstracts like Kristin's DIY art.  Dreamy yet edgey.  K, I thought you rocked your CWTS creation, too!

* I love anything fast & easy (wait, what?) like what Jennifer did to give her cabinet a custom look .  To relax, she tackles other easy projects like you know, reupholstering a whole sofa. Pffffft. ;-)

* My favorite gal pal I have yet to meet, Cassie, pulls off the best room-to-outfit inspirations & this is my favorite to date.  I wish she'd quit hoarding all the cute & leave some for me. #frenemy

Thanks for the inspiration, gals!
Have a wonderful weekend all!

Snow & swimsuits

Here in the foothills of Colorado, it's been fluctuating between 70 degrees & snow. (Contrary to popular belief, it's quite mild all year round here; we usually register ~300 sunny days a year!)  It did snow this past weekend, so we curled up & watched Frozen for the first time.  Naturally, I started daydreaming about swimsuits (???).  Not so much trying them my friend Kelly likes to ask: "Does this suit make my butt look like biscuit dough trying to escape from its tube?"  Ironically, Kell is fit as a fiddle.

I've been trying to plan ahead for our family trip to Encinitas, CA this summer.  We'll be squeezing in surfing, beach time, friends time, & relaxing at our beach cottage rental.  So whilst ordering a couple new swimsuits for Quinn, I looked at some for myself.  I used to be a bikini wearer but quite honestly, my modesty has slowly achieved the upper hand over the last couple years.  Though I guess sucking in my stomach whilst running after a toddler is the best workout ever--just me? ;-) One piece swimsuits have come a long way (downright hot, some of them).  I'm in the market for my first maillot & I'm actually quite excited!  

A few favorites:
(L to R)
1 (with halter strap) / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (with halter strap)

I got this & this for Quinn:

I recently turned 35 & while I still snort at words like balls & Uranus, I'm obviously no spring chicken.  While swimsuit shopping, I was gently reminded of that......I sorta wanted to throw a cover-up over each one of those swimsuit models & feed them. ;-) I also thought that while my 20s were fun, I wouldn't want to relive them.  My 30s have brought about a contentment that I wouldn't trade for my youth.

I know, right.  All this from just swimsuits ;-)

Do you have any (one piece) swimsuit recs, friends?