Tissue paper anemones

Hey, where did the weekend go?  How do we negotiate 3-day weekends for all time?  We got together with our friends to watch some University of Iowa Hawkeye football (they lost boo).  Most of us are alums who moved out here to Colorado over a decade ago so it gets a bit wild.  We also squeezed in our family photos on Sunday.  Despite a certain little "threenager" having a complete meltdown because she wanted to wear a leotard for the photos, we were able to pull it off.  I think ;-)

I love crafting with paper (these feathers for example). I also love the drama of white anemone blooms & was itching to craft my own interpretation out of paper.  Using this beautiful tutorial as inspiration, I set about crunching some paper.

white tissue paper / black crepe paper / petal template of your choice
scissors / cotton / 18 gauge floral wire stems / floral tape
*not pictured: hot glue gun
1. Trace petals on to layers of tissue paper. 
2. Cut out petals (the more 'freestyle' the better to mimic real petals).  Fold petals in half & cut a small slit in the center (this opening is for threading them onto the stem).  Layer a few petals at a time to speed up the process.  You can decide how big to make your petals; mine are ~4 inches across.
3. From the black crepe paper, cut a square for the anemone's center (~2 inches)

4. From the black crepe paper, cut off a strip (~7 inches).  Then make evenly spaced vertical cuts, about halfway down the paper (not all the way through!).  This will be the stamen.
5. Tear off a chunk of cotton from the cotton ball.  Apply a dot of hot glue to the floral wire stem & carefully secure the piece of cotton to the stem.

6. Wrap the square of crepe paper around the cotton. Twist at base. Flatten top with your thumb.

7. Then wrap the crepe paper 'fringe' around the flower's center. Twist at base.
8. Thread petals onto stem.  I wanted a fuller anemone, so my magic number was 12-14 petals per stem.
9. Secure everything with floral tape.  I had brown already in my craft closet so I just used that.  At this point you could also add leaves.  I did not. #lazy #clawhand
10. Trim the stamen/fringe as desired (or skip).  Gently crumple/rotate/curl the petals with your fingers to mimic real petals.
Once I had the process down, I was able to churn out the blooms pretty quickly.  Whilst watching Scandal (the only TV show I actually follow).  I get Olivia Pope.  We have so much in common.  I love red wine & so does she.  We also love when Jake Ballard's shirt falls off.  so.much.in.common.

The Home Depot invited me to participate in their Holiday Style Challenge & I can't wait to share with you how I used these tissue paper anemones!

Meanwhile, more flower power inspiration from a couple of my favorite gals.
Their skills are mind-boggling:

Monday, Monday

Hi friends, hope you had a great weekend!  It was feeling like fall here & I even busted out boots.  Then temps hit the high 70s again for the weekend so I busted out flip flops.  My toes are confused.  Meanwhile......

* My crazy wonderful gal pal Shelley invited me to be a part of her fun series Inside My Bag.  Girlfriend's DIY, decorating, & creative talents have no limits; check them out!  Today, I'm sharing the innards of my purse with the blog world.  I did do a preliminary cleaning so you won't see any empty wine bottles (those are in the recycle bin; my recycle guy hates me).  Would love to see you over there.  Also, follow her on Instagram if you 're into laughing & being inspired.  Thanks a million for having me, Shelley!

* Speaking of DIY, I've been crafting these little blooms for an upcoming project.  I'm so excited for it.  My house is not so pretty right now so I'm hoping everything falls into place soon.  Magical thinking? ;-)

* For the love of blogging.  I wholeheartedly agree.  You said it, sister!

* Have you heard about The Company Store's partnership with the Avon Foundation for Women?  They've launched the Comfort Crusade: for every one of their LaCrosse comforters sold throughout the month of October, $5 will be donated to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. These funds will advance access to quality breast health care, research towards prevention and understanding metastatic breast cancer, and ultimately find a cure.  When there's a chance like this to get involved (in any capacity) to help women out there, no effort's too small in my humble opinion.  Thank you to all, for helping to improve the lives of women & their families. *

Hope your day is a good one!

*I did not receive compensation for this post.  I just believe in spreading the word about an amazing program that helps a cause near & dear to my heart.

Stooping up the yardwork

Up until this August, our front yard looked like this.  (Hiiiii, neighbors!)
We loved our zero-scaping so much, we embraced it for several months.  Maybe years.  
It was super low-maintenance. #blessed
The Mr. worked hard leveling the ground, prepping the soil, laying sod, then stone.
Then he planted things.

Earlier this summer, Mr. applied stain to the new stoop (color: chocolate).
Here it is now:
The terra cotta 'backplates' lurking behind the bushes are how we're keeping the soil from washing backwards & under those windows.  Not sure whether they're a permanent solution, but we're hoping all the greenery will grow in to camouflage the terra cotta pieces.

I have my eye on a tall planter for this spot, just waiting for a sale.  My camera makes the stoop look bowed but I assure you it's level.  I know because I whipped out the level to make sure. ;-)

That potted perennial is one of the few things I've managed to keep alive 
(Quinn counts, right?).
Alright, we're calling this area done for now. Just in time for it to be covered in leaves, then snow.
Are we timely or what.  It's how we do, leave us alone ;-)

More on the mudroom exterior/stoop:

Mini mudroom: take two

Hello there, me again!  It's been a while.  I did not fall into a vat of wine.  

I've received emails from some very nice readers who are contemplating adding on a mudroom & wondered how it's working out for us.  It's been about a year since the walls went up in this space & a few months since its reveal.  Verdict?  Love it.  We don't know how we ever lived without it (neither of us grew up with a mudroom).  While the new addition wasn't exactly cheap, it didn't break the bank either.  As a reminder, our former stoop was essentially enclosed to create the mudroom. Our home is on the smaller side at 1,680 sq ft; the mudroom addition has brought it to 1730 sq ft.....not much by way of size but SO much by way of quality of life.  Is that too dramatic for me to say? #firstworldproblems
Clutter makes me queasy, but clutter is bound to happen.  Our mudroom is part dumping ground/part seasonal control center.  I realize a fairly empty, clean mudroom defeats the whole purpose of uh, it, but the no-coats season we're in is pretty sweet.  I recently gave the whole room a scrub-down....before the muddy season descends upon us....I don't know why, it just made sense in my head....if we had a cleaning lady, I'd probably clean the house before she came over to clean it because it's who I am.....and I don't know, stop asking me questions ok?! ;-)

I hid some things in the cabinets for these photos because I'm a dreamer & I like to pretend it's always this clean.  This is how it looked in its 'summer coat'.  I won't show you its winter coat because it will look like the walls/floor disappeared under all of our Colorado winter crap.  But for a few minutes, it looked like this & it was nice.  

I also bought myself flowers.  I yell at the Mr. for wasting money on flowers for me but then when he doesn't, I get moody & well......those flowers aren't going to buy themselves so I bought some.
How come my chalkboard never looks like the ones on Pinterest?
What do they have against feminine hygiene products?

We purchased this rad mirror at Bixby & Ball when we were in Solana Beach.
Also, mini horse shoes for a little luck.

We're very happy with the finished room.  There are a just few things we'd do differently:

* Radiant floor heating would be nice, especially on those cold winter days.  We skipped HVAC work in this space & though the ceiling/walls are insulated, the tiled floor does get chilly.  Oh well. Any excuse to wear thick, cushy socks/slippers, I guess?

* Built-in shoe cubbies under the bench is something that we might tackle down the road.  Right now, shoes get kicked off & left haphazardly all over the mudroom.  Which I suppose is the whole point of a mudroom, but you know me.  Clutter. Lack of order.  Queasy.

* We should've ripped out the metal threshold (formerly the front door) leading into the house & replaced it with something more conducive to an interior doorway. Quinn also likes to perch there so a smoother surface for the bum (& toes) would be nice.  I've probably stubbed my toes on it too many times.

Just little cosmetic things.  Overall, I think we did well in the planning stages to ensure that this room fit the way we live our lives.  *golf clap*

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope your Labor Day weekend was a nice one!  
How are we bidding farewell to summer already?!