Cleaning copper

When I chose a copper light for our front exterior, I knew there would be some maintenance involved to restore the copper shine.  I didn't realize how instantly gratifying & easy it would be.  Like vacuuming.  But wait!  I hate vacuuming.

Before that first photo though, the light had the look of an old penny.

A couple years ago, I consulted my life coach (the Internet) on how to clean copper with natural ingredients.  The top suggestion was to rub a cut lemon dipped in salt on the copper surface, rinse, then dry it off with a soft cloth.  It totally works every time.

 Dramatic re-enactment.

This stoop sees shade most of the day & I've given up on live plants, even shade-tolerant ones.  Instead, I "potted" this lifelike faux arborvitae tree.  It's been ~6 months now; still looks great & not dead!! (I made sure to "fluff" the branches when it arrived).  I  give the tree a quick spray with the hose to rid it of spider webs every now & then, but that's it.   
Looking forward to stringing twinkle lights on it for the holidays.

As you can see, our dog Fozzy is about the only thing surviving in that front area 😀
Happy Fall!